Personal Finance in Paradise – Personal Disclaimer


I want to be up front and let you all know that I am not a financial expert. I do not have a degree in finance. I chose not to go that route because of the the politics of the educational system and that I felt that the education I would have received would not have helped me learn how to manage my own personal finances.

I’ve always felt that the media chooses what’s best for their own ratings and feeding people propaganda to continuously take advantage of consumers by fear.

My education is ranges in many ways. I am always burying myself in books about personal finance and business, and entrepreneurs continually teach me weekly. I have made mistakes along the way, and I can’t say that I won’t make mistakes in the future.

Please use anything I say on this site to your own discretion.

I’m looking forward to share a couple of great ideas soon. See you then.

Author: Michael Subido @ Personal Finance in Paradise

my name is Mike and I live in Honolulu Hawaii. Living in paradise has his trials money happens to be one of them. I've had my financial problems, I've probably gone through all the major ones including student debt, credit card debt, dealing with creditors, and cosigning loans. I found myself in about $66,500 in debt in 2010 and over 28 months I had paid off close to $40,000 of debt making about $25,000 a year gross income. That's pretty hard to do considering the cost of living in paradise. After that I was able to purchase a car in cash, put away some savings, and also get married. What I want for you is to learn from my experiences so that you do not make the same mistakes. I heard it said that smart people learn from experiences and wise people learn from others experiences, and my goal for you is to become wise and teach others to be wise.

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