Personal Finance in Paradise – Reason Why I started this Site


I created this site because there are may people who are being taken advantage of in the their personal lives when it comes to money. I’ve read and learned, through my own experience, that personal habits and the way you think about money has so much to do with how you have a relationship with money.

It’s been on my mind and my heart to begin a site to let others know that, if you’re in a bad financial situation, it will get better in the long run. The current stress that you’re going through is temporary. My own experience has shown, through reading and dealing with the stress, it is going to be better.

My goal is to talk about my experiences, reach out to the community to help you build new money habits, see if you have any thoughts that could be holding them back, and teach others how they are being manipulated to buy things they don’t need, to impress people they don’t like, with money they don’t have.

I’m excited to see where we will go together in our journey.

Author: Michael Subido @ Personal Finance in Paradise

my name is Mike and I live in Honolulu Hawaii. Living in paradise has his trials money happens to be one of them. I've had my financial problems, I've probably gone through all the major ones including student debt, credit card debt, dealing with creditors, and cosigning loans. I found myself in about $66,500 in debt in 2010 and over 28 months I had paid off close to $40,000 of debt making about $25,000 a year gross income. That's pretty hard to do considering the cost of living in paradise. After that I was able to purchase a car in cash, put away some savings, and also get married. What I want for you is to learn from my experiences so that you do not make the same mistakes. I heard it said that smart people learn from experiences and wise people learn from others experiences, and my goal for you is to become wise and teach others to be wise.

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